2 Year Time-lapse Project with Titan2

2 Year Time-lapse Project with Titan2

Skyshot Singapore set up a long-term time-lapse to document the construction of a telemedia center.

The Titan2 Solar was installed over a 2 year period, until completion in 2017. The Titan2 uses Canon DSLR to shoot high-resolution photo images to create UltraHD 4k video. For this project, the camera was adjusted to shoot 18-megapixel images at 30-minute intervals. Powered by a solar panel, the Titan2 lithium batteries can last for 2 weeks without charging. So even in prolonged bad weather during December monsoon season, we were confident of the battery life.

We use the Titan2 Battery Reader to check the battery life periodically. This is important for long-term time-lapse projects, to ensure that the battery level was healthy. The lifespan of the lithium battery is about 2 years, so it is good practice to do regular battery checks.

The client opts for the Titan2, instead of the Titan2 Remote which has 3G / WiFi for automatic data upload to our server and cloud. Thus, we had to visit the system once a month to do some maintenance like general cleaning and data retrieval.

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