How to prevent water condensation since Titan2 is water tight?

We recommend using silicon gel to remove the condensation.

What is the camera setting for shooting long term time-lapse?

There is no pre-determined camera settings for Titan2 to function. However, here is how we usually set our cameras when we produce a time-lapse of a building construction.

  1. Aperture priority
  2. 15 minute Interval
  3. Lens on manual focus
  4. Spot metering
  5. Auto white balance

How long can the intervalometer last?

Depending on the shooting interval, the intervalometer should last for 2 months

How can I be sure the camera is functioning when I’m away?

Even though the Titan2 is very reliable, there is no way to be sure if the camera is functioning. For some projects, we install a second Titan2 as a secondary angle and backup. If daily monitoring of the system is critical, we recommend using the Titan2 Remote which has live monitoring and online access.

How often should I check on the system?

It depends on the project duration and how critical are the images in relation to the project. For building construction projects lasting several years, we usually set up 2 units of Titan2 systems to have more security in image acquisition. We check our systems once or twice a month for these projects. For projects lasting several days, we check the system more regularly.

What is the operating temperature?

We have used the Titan2 from 0 to 45 degree celcius conditions. We recommend using AC for subzero conditions.

Can I upgrade my Titan2 to Titan2 Remote?

No, both systems have different power units and configurations.

Can Titan2 fit larger cameras like the Canon 5D or Nikon 700D or larger diameter lenses?

Yes, we can recommend the Tbox Tank which can accommodate larger cameras and lenses.

How to prevent the camera from overheating in extremely hot conditions?

For Titan2 (without solar), we recommend using a shade over a system to reduce long exposure from direct sunlight.

How long can the Titan2 battery last without charging?

A fully charged Titan2 battery can last 2 weeks without charging, depending on the shooting interval.

How many hours of sunlight is recommended for the solar?

The 20W solar needs about 4 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Can the Titan2 AC supply run outdoors?

Yes, but be careful of how you run the electric cable and the make sure the connection is properly insulated from the weather.

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